spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Yes, I'm still talking about the back yard

Now that my tree is gone, so is almost everything else in the back yard. A couple of years ago (or was it longer?) I gave up trying to tame the wilderness. Once or twice a year I'd spend a morning ripping out as much of the not-kudzu vampire vine as I could before the mosquitoes or my aching back gave me an excuse to quit, but everything else was left to fend for itself.

And fend it did. The east bed was bursting with ginger and hostas. Cannas marched along the back fence, occasionally breaking formation to stagger out of the bed into the yard.  The neighbor's trumpet vine not only spilled over the fence but crept under it.

But now it's all laid waste, burned to a crisp by the long-hidden sun. I briefly toyed with the idea of replacing it all with plants of my own choosing, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I felt too guilty stalking the aisles at the garden center, knowing anything I chose would be headed for certain doom. I'm sure something will come up eventually. It always does. After all, the ginger and the cannas and the trumpet vine weren't there when we first bought the house.

Today my random lillies bloomed. They pop up every year around this time, but I never know exactly where or when, blooming for one day and then disappearing as quickly as they sprang into existence, reminding me that life has a way of surprising us if we let it.

Speaking of random, I think I need this sweater.

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