spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Where's a nerd when you need one?

So, I'm in IT. This is a recent development; although I have been working as a systems analyst for years, I've always been on the business/ops side. But a few months ago, I was lured over to the Dark Side and joined my company's IT staff.

Earlier this week, we had a meeting to discuss a new proposed migration schedule. (Admit it - you want to be me right now, don't you?) At one point in the discussion, when there was concern that there wouldn't be enough time to complete all the work within the scheduled window, I commented, Unless someone has a TARDIS I don't think we're going to be able to manage it.

No one blinked. No one cracked a smile, not even in a boy-that-was-lame-even-for-you way. After the meeting, I was talking with some of my colleagues and it turns out none of them had ever heard of Dr. Who.

How? How is this possible? How can I be in a room with 25 IT people and none of them are as nerdy as I am?

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