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More plant talk

I am starting to get used to the tree being gone, but the rest of the plants in the back yard are not. Those of you playing along at home may be familiar with my ongoing (and losing) battle with the back yard. A couple of years ago I more or less just gave up and let everything run wild. Except for the kudzu (which I have since found out is not kudzu, but some other annoying viney thing), which I rip out once or twice a year.

On the west side of the yard, in the places where the Annoying Viney Thing had not yet taken over, there were mostly tropicals - overgrown ginger and hostas and cannas. Which apparently were able to thrive because of the ash. Because now that it's gone, they have burned to a crisp.

The ginger was the first to go. The same day the tree was hacked, the ginger began to shrink into itself, curling into a fetal position. By the next day, the hostas were starting to fade. By the third day, it was apparent that they were goners.

Yesterday morning, in an attempt to salvage something, I dug up about half the hostas and moved them to the other side of the yard, under the overhang of the shed. I did this disgustingly early, to avoid the heat. About the time I finished, the sun rose high enough for me to discover that the bed under the shed gets full morning sun. Oops.

On the bright side (no pun intended) the sun is also killing the Annoying Viney Thing, which is apparently a vampire vine. Maybe I should have tried staking it the last seven years.

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