spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

More MITL than DITL

This is not a DITL, because I slept until past 10:00 am. That's what the combination of tylenol PM and Husband having a screaming nightbear in the middle of the night will do to you. Sheesh, can that man have some scary dreams.

So, this is not a Day in the life, but more of a Moment in the life. Middle Daughter met some friends at Discovery Green, and we hung out too. But not with her friends, because she is a teenager and when you're a teenager hanging out with your friends and your parents at the same time is not nearly as cool as just hanging out with your friends.

It's a very nice park. It's only been open about a year, and I had never been. There was a live band and a market where I bought some wonderful hand-made soap using little wooden market tokens. I had to the buy the tokens. There is a pond, and several small gardens, and a playground, and a library, and a cafe where I had some yummy sweet potato fries.

It was windy.


Did I mention the fountains?

I love this sculpture. It used to be in front of one of the buildings downtown, but they moved it to the park. I was glad to see it because I thought it had just been torn down.

You can walk through it.

We stop by the library.

Husband finds a cool book.

There are lots of nifty gardens. (The funky building in the background is the convention center)

And a whole bed of white violets...my favorite flower!


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