spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Yes, I'm one of THOSE people

I have gotten sucked into reality tv again. What's worse, I am a total Adam Lambert fangirl, despite my initial dismissal of him as Emo Hair Guy. Which is I suppose fitting, considering last season I was initally creeped out by Jason Castro's dreds (I swear every time he sang I expected them to start waving around his head like tentacles. Which I should point out is not my normal reaction to dreds.) but grew to love him to pieces.

This year I'm wondering why they're even bothering to finish the season. I suppose anything could happen (Chris Daughtry, anyone?) but whenever Adam performs it's just obvious he's in a completely different league than the other contestants. I especially love his studio versions, because he understands the difference between performing live and recording in a studio.

On the show he's all rocker emo hair guy, but I would love for him to do something like this one week.

In non-idol-yet-still-reality-tv news, Husband and I just watched the premiere of The Cougar. I think I need to shower in lysol now. Husband thinks it's funny, what with me being so cougaresque and all. As if.

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