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Five questions

It's been a while since I've done something like this, so when   [info]madamemama  started it, I couldn't resist.

Here are the questions she asked me:

1. If you could be any cartoon character who would you be and why?
Well, she's a comic book character, not a cartoon exactly, but I'd pick Jean Grey. She's been my favorite X-man since I was a little girl. She's tough and strong-willed and smart. And she's a redhead! Lousy taste in men, though.

2. Tell me about your most memorable date from before you were married.
Memorable? That would have to be the time in college I went out with an older man (I believe he was about 30) who I thought was a friend of a friend of mine. We were driving down a back country road when his car broke down.  He turned to me and said, Hey...can you hand me the gun out of the glove compartment? It's not registered and if the cops come by I don't want them to find it. Then when he opened the trunk to put the gun in there, I saw a bunch of packages and realized that he wasn't so much a "friend" as a drug dealer. We ended up walking about a mile until we found a house, where some very nice people let us use the phone and gave us some lemonade. He called some friends of his to come pick us up, and we went back to their commune (this was in Nacogdoches, where old hippies went to fade away) and a woman named Fish gave us some dinner. She offered us wine and I declined. Later, she offered me a cigarette and I said no thanks. A bit later, a joint got passed around and I passed. She blurted out, You don't drink, you don't smoke, and you don't do drugs...do you have sex? My date turned about a thousand shades of red and said, We haven't gotten around to finding that out yet. I guess I don't have to add that it was the last date we ever went on.

3. I love your username. Is there a story behind it?
The name I wanted was Moonspinner, but it was taken, so I had to improvise. Moonspinner was the name of a comic book character my first husband created for me. She was a pacifist but belonged to a group of crimefighters. Her power was "spinning" reflected light (mostly moonlight) into metal. She had an awesome story arc that involved giving birth to twins while being teleported through an alternate dimension and having one baby get "lost" interdimensionally, but no one believed her because they didn't know she was pregnant with twins and thought she was just crazy.

4. I enjoyed watching your bathroom makeover. any other big home improvement plan in the works?
Our next big project is painting the exterior, which we hope to get done this summer. It's a big job because there's a lot of rotten trim that needs to be replaced, and the house is cedar shakes which are a bear to deal with. The greenhouse also needs a new roof and the shed needs new doors. My BIL has talked about re-doing the front bathroom to put in a shower connection (right now it's just a tub) but I don't know if I can face another bathroom project any time soon. Long-term, we've always wanted to convert the garage into another room, but I waffle between making it a family room and moving the kitchen into that space.

5. What is your favorite holiday and why?
Christmas, because it's such a family time for us, and goes on for days. Halloween is a close second because I love dressing up, and love seeing the kids' costumes.

If you'd like to play along at home, here are the rules:
1) Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me!"
2) I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3) You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your blog or journal.
4) You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5) When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And thus the endless cycle of the meme goes on and on and on and on...
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