spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

It helps to keep them guessing

This past weekend, we went camping. Because it was going to be cold, Husband and I stopped by Academy the other day to pick up some longjohns and warmer sleeping bags. And because we can't get out of any store without picking up something for the kids, we got a canteen for The Boy and a "wilderness survival tool" dohickey for Middle Daughter.

The dohickey had a whistle, a thermometer, a flashlight, a magnifying glass and a signaling mirror. When we gave it to Middle Daughter, she asked, What's the whistle for?

Well, I said, if you're out in the woods and you run into danger, then you blow the whistle.

And then what? she asked.

Then we'll say, "Hey - there's danger over there! We'd better go the other direction!"

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