spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Revolt...or whatever

Today I tried rearranging the living room furniture, which was a dumb idea. I blame the Paint Drying Channel, which is apparently beaming your house needs changing messages straight into my brain.

The reason it was a dumb idea is because we tried every possible furniture arrangement when we moved into this house, and the way it was is the way it looks best. But Husband has been making noises about replacing the picture over the mantle with a flat-screen tv, and right now none of the seating is actually facing the fireplace, so I thought I'd give that arrangement a try on the off chance we actually do end up with a flat screen tv over the mantle some day.

I hated it, of course. Just like I did eight years ago when we tried it then. The Boy was thrilled with it, however. He voted we keep it. So did Middle Daughter. I told them too bad, that I didn't like it and my vote counted more. The Boy cried foul, claiming a vote was a vote. I reminded him that this is not a democracy, but a benevolent dictatorship. The kids stomped off.

A few minutes later, they reappeared, armed with nerf assault weapons.

Revolt! Or Whatever! exclaimed The Boy.

Not the most effective rallying cry, pointed out Husband.

We're overthrowing the dictatorship! declared Middle Daughter. We're revolting.

I told them that no matter how revolting they might be, I still got the final say, and the furniture was going back where it was.

As a compromise, I flip-flopped the sofa and the easy chairs. I'll live with it a couple of days before I put it all back.
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