spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Posting just because I can

I swear, I thought I had been posting this week, but I guess I haven't been. So, a bit of a recap.

* I thought I was done with Christmas shopping and got all excited and then realized I'm not. You'd think after doing this every single year I wouldn't be so surprised, but I am. Every single year.

* While tearing my closet apart looking for my (still missing) knitting needles, I found a gift I had bought for my mom last year. I had ordered it with the intention of giving it to her for mother's day/her birthday/Christmas but totally forgot and bought her something else for all those occasions. See bullet above re: surprised.

* I went out and bought more ornaments for the tree because I thought it looked bare, but then had a really hard time hanging them on the tree because there wasn't room. And yet the tree still looks bare. Go figure.

* Last night Husband took some Aleve for his back, and then a couple of hours later was so tired he had to stagger to bed. (He didn't even stay up to watch East Enders, which says something about just how very tired he was) This morning he realized he'd picked up the wrong bottle and taken my tylenol PM instead.
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