spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Oops, I did it again

Made a major impulse buy, I mean. And of course right now is not the time to be buying anything, what with my job being in jeopardy and all. But...

This afternoon we were out running errands. We went to a nearby strip-type shopping center to rent some movies, and while Husband and The Boy were deciding what to get, I popped into Linens N Things to see if they had anything interesting, since everything is on sale. I spent twenty minutes agonizing over whether to get a new chef's knife. There was a really cool one with a stainless handle on sale for fifteen dollars. I kept picking it up and putting it back, and finally decided to hang on to it while I looked in other departments, so I could get a better idea of how it was balanced.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm funny about knives? I used to have a thing. I don't any more, but I've never had a really good knife. Obviously, this wasn't a really good knife, because you can't get a really good knife for fifteen dollars, even on sale, but it was a better knife than any of the knives I have now.

In any case, I was walking through Linens N Things, waving my knife, when a rug caught my eye. Not literally, because that would hurt. But it was a very eye-catching rug, and it was wool, and it was big, and I liked it, and it was 80% off. Just this morning, as I was straightening the living room, I was thinking that I wished I had a bigger rug in there. Normally I would file this under the ever-growing "coincidence" folder, but I think the same thing pretty much every time I walk into that room. Which is every day, because our house isn't that big, and so there isn't a room I don't walk into every day, except the master bathroom, which is still not finished, so thanks so much for bringing that up.

So, I'm thinking I really, really ought to get this rug, because this Thanksgiving will be the eighth anniversary of us moving into this house, and I have spent those eight years thinking pretty much every day that I want a bigger rug. And then there was the whole 80% off thing. Which got even better, because the lady offered me an even better price. Which meant I could get the new bigger rug for the same price I paid for the old smaller rug twelve years ago, and which I hope didn't have anything to do with me waving a knife.

But it was a quandary. Because if I got the rug home and didn't like it, I couldn't return it. And the style of it was very, very different than the old rug, so I wasn't entirely sure it would go with the furniture and curtains.

What to do? The answer was obvious - I called my mother and asked her opinion. She very nicely dropped everything, drove over to the store, and took a gander at the rug. She wasn't entirely convinced until I told her the price, and then she told me I was crazy not to buy it. So I did. And we brought it home, and I put it in the living room, and I love it.

But in all the excitement, I forgot to buy the knife.

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