spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

What's brown and sticky?

It's about time - the stick was finally inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame.

We are big fans of the stick around here. I have proof. See?

This is Middle Daughter, somewhere around 15 months. She was an early stick bloomer.

The stick in this picture is anonymous, but when she was in elementary school, she found a stick that she named Old Reliable. I have to admit, Old Reliable was a pretty good stick. He hung around the house for a long time, and then had a place of honor on the back porch for years. Eventually, Old Reliable was passed down to The Boy. Sadly, sticks don't last forever, and Old Reliable became less reliable over time. There is still a piece of him left, in the corner by the bookcase. You just can't keep a good stick down.

Sticks aren't just for kids. The other weekend, when we went on The Boy's first campout, Husband bought a stick. It was a walking stick, but still. Stick.

The Boy needs to learn stick moderation. His reach exceeds his grasp, I think.

And Middle Daughter? Still with the sticks. Last weekend, walking in the neighborhood, she picked up a stick. Then spent the next three days trimming, sanding and staining it. It's no Old Reliable, but it'll do.

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