spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Because I'm sure you've been wondering

Here's what I managed to get done this weekend.

Not much.

Saturday, I painted the ceiling in the front bathroom, painted the vanity in the back bathroom, and did a lot of sitting on the couch. So maybe I did get a lot done, if sitting on the couch counts as something.

Yesterday was better. My sister came over to work on tiling, my mom stopped by to help with cleaning, and even The Boy got into the act. Husband got re-directed to bagging leaves in the back yard (not at all what I would have chosen for him to do, but sometimes it's better not to try and argue with my sister).

The house still looks like a wreck, but it's clean. I'm always amazed at how sometimes you don't realize how dirty something is until you start cleaning it. Not that we've been living in filth or anything. Just dinge.

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