spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

I'm running out of lame electricity puns

Two weeks and counting. Although really the last three days don't count, since we've been staying with my mom. But my brother is coming into town tonight, so Husband and I will be camping out at the house tonight. Luckily the weather is co-operating nicely; low humidity and it's supposed to get down to 58* tonight. I might need a blanket.

I have absolutely nothing interesting to say. Not having power doesn't make me grumpy, but all the people acting like it's personal that they don't have power do. Really, people. Standing on the corner holding angry signs isn't going to get you electricity any faster. Do these people seriously think that the utility doesn't have a vested interested in getting everyone back on line as quickly as possible? Do they have no concept of just how many 2.5 million is? Honestly, the speed at which power has been restored across the city is nothing short of remarkable, given the amount of damage. There are 8,000 workers who have left their homes and are working 16-hour days trying to get everything back to normal - one worker has already been killed on the job - and the grumpy people complaining that not enough is being done are really getting on my last nerve. You'd better believe they wouldn't be standing on the corner holding angry signs if they had power. They don't think enough isn't being done. They think enough isn't being done for them. Spare me.

Sorry to get all ranty. I guess it's a good thing I can't post much, right?

In any case, I may not be online again until Mondy. Be good!

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