spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

I'm on the dirty side

Of Ike, that is. It looks like it's going to hit us after all (although really, we won't know for sure until late tomorrow morning). Technically, it will most likely hit Freeport, and pass just a smidge to the west of me, which puts us in prime tornado spawning territory.

The good news is, Ike is only supposed to be a cat 3, so it's not as freaky-deeky as it was when Rita came through. My sister has offered to let us spend tomorrow night at her house, since she has all the hurricane strapping and we don't really have any inside rooms. My mom will probably stay over as well, since she's not looking forward to riding out the storm alone in her house, even if it is just across the street. So, party at my sister's!

The better news is, my BIL and Husband just drove off in a pickup truck loaded with all the bathroom demolition debri that was piled on our back patio. So at least now I don't have to worry about lead pipes and chunks of cement backer board flying around.

I am worried about the piano, though. It's right by a huge window and too big to move. I think I might wrap it in a tarp, just in case. Yeah, I'm weird - a hurricane is headed straight for me and I'm worred about the piano.

Now I'm off to finish up the laundry. There's no way we're getting through this with power intact, so I want all the laundry done before it hits.
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