spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Back to (tile) square one

The tile guy didn't get my tile. When I called to ask him about it, he claimed I gave him the wrong number for work and that he left a message on the machine at home, but Husband checks the messages and never heard it. I wanted to quiz the guy - Oh, yeah...tell me what my answering machine message says - but was nice about it, even though he didn't even try to order my tile. When I told him that if he couldn't get all of it, I'd be glad to take seven pieces, he said they weren't available even though I know he had one and the other location had six. I'm not so good with the math stuff but even I know six plus one is seven. 

He also said it was from Spain and would take 2-3 months to order, but since I never told him when I needed it (and in fact told him I wasn't ready for it yet anyway) I don't know why that makes a difference. Liar, liar, pants on fire!!

OK, I'm calmer now. It's just tile. The problem is now that I've seen this tile, I don't like any other tile. And I've tried, really I've tried. Husband will whine to you about tell you how much I've tried, because I've made him look at a gazillion different tiles. Piles of tiles. Miles of tiles. All styles of tiles. None make me smile.

My mom was over for dinner, and we were talking about the tile, and I said, I just want to get a tile that's neutral enough to decorate around, so that I won't get tired of it. 

Husband said, I just want to take a shower.

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