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Talk about a dud [Aug. 5th, 2008|08:13 pm]

Eddie was a washout. Or not, depending on how you look at it. I'm not disappointed, mind you. I'm not surprised, either. On the plus side, we got a day of very nice, gentle, and much needed rain. On the minus side, Husband will have to mow the grass this weekend (for the second time this summer).

I had a decadent day of lounging about the house. I had french toast for breakfast, all by myself. I actually got to soak in a bath instead of rushing through ten minutes of frantic washing and hair rinsing. I drank two cups of Rainforest Blend coffee in the middle of the afternoon. I totally kicked Middle Daughter's butt playing chickenfeet. I watched way too much HGTV.

I also finished up the laundry that didn't get done last night, dusted the entire house (goodbye, sheetrock dust!), cleaned the bathroom, and even threw together a chickpea salad for lunch tomorrow.

I'll bet you're wondering about the sheetrock dust. Am I right? Oh...well...I'm going to talk about it anyway. I was dusting up all the sheetrock dust because the sheetrocking in the bathroom is done! Woot! Now the fun stuff can start. Only, I still haven't picked out any tile and can't decide exactly what I want. I really love cottagey wainscotingy bathrooms and think that style would work well with the house and the size of the bathroom, but then I also wanted something a little more sophisticated since the bedroom isn't exactly cottagey nor wainscotingy. Plus, I already bought a soap dish and toothbrush holder and got an awesome deal (75% off! Whoo Hoo!) but it seems a bit silly to decorate an entire bathroom off of $10 worth of accessories. I think I will just go to a tile store and see what grabs me. Hopefully it will be tile.


[User Picture]From: willstronghold
2008-08-06 11:55 am (UTC)
I am both surprised and disappointed. I don't know if I've ever been so disappointed by weather in my life.

Okay, I'm not really surprised, but while I thought I'd be disappointed, I never thought it would be to this magnitude.
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[User Picture]From: spinthemoon
2008-08-08 03:26 am (UTC)
It's hard not be disappointed when the weathermen have been talking it up for days and days. If it's any consolation, sitting through a hurricane is really rather boring.
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[User Picture]From: beckyleea
2008-08-06 08:50 pm (UTC)
I can't believe he has only mowed the grass once this summer!!! We mow once a week!!! I am really glad that Eddie was a washout...I am sure the rain was appreciated but I am glad that all is safe and sound and no major damage was done!!
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[User Picture]From: spinthemoon
2008-08-08 03:34 am (UTC)
We've had a very dry spring and summer - very unusual for us. At least the mosquitoes haven't been too bad.
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