spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Day in the Life - Beach edition

I didn't realize today was a ditl day, but we took a ton of pictures by happenstance, so here they are...

It's a little seaweedy, but not too bad

We go for a stroll

The girls show off the shells they found

The Boy and I found some, too

Time to eat!

Oldest Daughter serves the drinks

We are sandy already

The Boy gathers seaweed (we shake the sea creatures out of it)

I try to get the girls to pose nicely

But it doesn't last

Get away from me!

What did I do?

This is a little bit better

The Boy suits up

Getting ready to hit the waves is serious business

 Or not

Here we go! The red flags were flying, so I was worried about the undertow.

But aside from a bit of cross current, we're cool

The seaweed is annyoing

I look like a drowned rat

Oldest Daughter still looks gorgeous. Ah, youth!

I try a kid pic again. The Boy decides to meditate.

Taking a break from the waves

Toes in the sand

(The girls really do love each other)

I make one last attempt to get a serious kid pic

Well, I tried

Bye Bye, Beach!

Bye Bye, cute beach houses!

We grab a shower and change before we go

Oldest Daughter tries to dry her hair

And that was our day at the beach!
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