May 28th, 2007


In which I do a great deal of whining

Friday morning when I woke up, my head felt funny. I realized my ear, which had been bothering me for a couple of days, had gone totally round the bend. So, I popped off to see my doctor in the afternoon.

She looked in my left ear, made a clucking noise, and said, "Yes, it's all full of fluid."

I told her that was my good ear, and it was the other one that was infected.

She looked in the other ear, made a little exclamation, and said, "It looks like you've perforated the eardrum." She was amazed that I was so offhand about it.

Yeppers. I'm one tough old bird. She gave me a prescription for some eye drops to put in it, because they don't hurt as bad as the regular ear drops. And a really strong antibiotic, and a new prescription for my Hey! Kick it up a notch, thyroid medicine, since mine ran out a few months ago (that one earned me a raised eyebrow) and a new one for Zyrtec. 

So I spent this weekend totally drugged up. The antibiotics really did a number on me; I spent Saturday draped across a chair, too woozy to even get dressed. By Saturday night I wanted to claw my face off, because the drops made my ear itch like crazy.

Yesterday was better, although I was a total crankypants. 

And dangit, I just realized I forgot to take the anitbiotic this morning, and since I have to take it with food, I need to either wait until lunchtime, or eat again. 

OK, so this post is going nowhere. I had a point when I started, but I think I lost it somewhere along the way.

This is why I don't do drugs.


Random stuff

I have been eating like crazy this weekend. I finally realized tonight it's the antibiotics gnawing a hole in my stomach. I don't know if I can take another week of these things. I've been watching my food intake for three months now and i don't want to blow it all in one fell ten-day swoop.


In semi-related news, I bought a jar of organic cashew butter yesterday. Dreamy. Creamy. Dreamy Creamy. It makes me beamy.


Neutrogena Lip Boost totally rocks. It makes me look like I almost have an upper lip. Almost.


Movies out on DVD you should totally see: Pan's Labyrinth, The Queen, The Last King of Scotland
Movie in the theater you should absolutely see: Waitress


It has stormed all weekend long. It's times like this I'm glad we have no friends, because if we did, they would have invited us to a party and it would have gotten rained out and we would be really disappointed.


Hey causedujour, I finally posted a new recipe. It probably violates every food rule you have.