spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

This, that, but probably not the other thing

Once again I am behind, so that means...(insert drumroll)...bullets!

I would say, without further ado, but I don't think there's been any ado so far, so there can't really be further of it, right? Or, if so far the amount of ado is none, then would any amount of ado at all be further ado, so no ado would still be no further ado? I think I'm starting to find the lack of ado somewhat distubing. I guess at this point it's much ado about ado, which means it really is time for no further ado.

  • We are officially without a shower. I mean, we still have a shower, but we can't use it, because there's a leak, and the whole bathroom needs to be ripped out, and even though it's not ripped out yet, we don't want any more water damage than we already have. Normally I like baths and have been thinking lately that I ought to take more of them, but getting to take a bath and having to take a bath are two different things. Especially since the kind of bath I get to take doesn't involve having to wash my hair in the bathtub.

  • On the other hand, we are officially with ceiling fan, since my BIL came over and kindly hooked up the new one I bought to replace the one which was doing the tree in autumn impersonation, dropping blades like leaves. Really heavy leaves. It took a very long time to replace the fan, because the wiring was, to absolutely no surprise, all wonky. The new fan is very big. Although technically it's not any bigger than the old fan, having all the blades makes it seem bigger.

  • I am very excited about this.

  • The piano tuning guy came on Monday. He really liked our piano. He looked it up, and it was made in 1911, which makes it about 20 years older than I thought. He said it was in really good condition, and sounded wonderful, and that it was the nicest old piano he'd ever worked on, and the lower octaves sounded almost like a Steinway, they were so rich. He couldn't stop playing it, even after he was finished tuning it. After he left, I played a bit, and decided that although I'm not good I'm better than I thought I was. Amazing what a difference a little thing like being in tune makes.

  • Bees. Did I mention the bees? The bee wrangler is still out of town but hopefully will be able to relocate our bees in a couple of weeks.
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