spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

That's MS Crankypants to you, Buster!

I am sooooooo grumpy.  

For some reason, last week my back started hurting. And I was way too busy at work to get to the chiro, and it just got worse and worse. At one point it hurt so much I thought it might be my kidneys and not my back. I tried every over-the-counter thing I could find, and nothing helped. The codeine I scrounged up didn't help, although it did make my hands and feet comfortably numb. The muscle relaxant I bummed off my sister didn't help. Finally getting to the chiro yesterday didn't really help, except that now the pain is more localized than it was. Sort of. Because the location keeps changing, but at least it isn't all over, all at once.

As a result, I am the aforementioned grumpy. I am no fun when I am grumpy. Heck, I'm barely fun when I'm not grumpy, so adding in the grump factor makes me like the black hole of fun.

Tomorrow, I see the chiro again, before I hit maximum grumpitude.
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