spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Some stuff that happened

  • We got home from vacation on Saturday evening, and Sunday let the kids hang around the house in their pajamas while Husband and I went out to lunch. A real date! At a (for those who remember Max) sit-down restaraunt.
  • After lunch, we ran errands and ended up buying stuff for the kids. That's what the guilt of sneaking off for a date will do for you. The Boy snagged a new set of sheets, a yard game to share with Middle Daughter, and two new Captain Underpants books. He thanked us profusely and informed us we were the best parents he's ever had. I certainly hope so.
  •  Also on Sunday, Husband and The Boy discovered a swarm of bees on the backside of the shed. We were hoping they were just resting for a bit before moving on, but it appears they have set up hivekeeping. So now I have to call a bee removal service. Part of me is tempted to wait long enough for them to make some honey, but since we just bought the new yard game and all I guess we should get the bees out of the yard.
  • I am trying very hard not to cut my hair, with varying success. I did trim my bangs a bit and managed to sort of make a hole on one side but I am ignoring it, because if I try to even it out I will mulletize myself again. It's all at exactly the length that makes me want to cut it off. Except, you know, for the part with the hole.
  • The Boy had his kindergarten graduation today. Originally I was going to miss it, because I had an early training class at work, but I went in late because I just couldn't bear to miss seeing him in the little cap. It was all just too cute, and I got a great picture of The Boy and his fiance, which I can't post because I don't post pictures of other people's kids without permission, but trust me when I say it's cute. Husband commented that it would be too funny if The Boy really did end up marrying this girl. We could use their kindy graduation picture as an engagement pic.  Then they would be that adorable couple that everyone hates because they're just too adorable.
  • While we were out and about running errands, I picked up a copy of Twilight. I had to get it in hardback because they were sold out of the paperbacks, so it better be good. I'm only about 100 pages in because I didn't have much time to read over the holiday. Is it worth the hardback price? Should I have held out for the paperback?
  • Did I mention that another blade fell off our bedroom ceiling fan while we were gone? What is up with that? The metal is sheared right off, like it was with the last one. We probably have some rare metal-eating mold or something.
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