spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Did you miss me?

I've been away from the computer for a bit, so I hope your disappointment in finding my blog not up to date is manageable. It has just been a particularly busy few days. A few random snippets:

I had my first scheduled Fire Academy ride-along. Four hours, no calls. Didn't leave the station. As I was walking to my car after my shift ended, heard a siren and looked up in time to see the ambulance pulling out. I would say that I hope my next shift is more lively, except I'm glad no one needed help. It's not like the fire department gets called out to attend puppy birthings.

Middle Daughter attended her first dance. Older Niece officially went on record as saying "I don't like this."

My father celebrated his 80th birthday. I spent all day chopping up stuff for the party (since it isn't party food unless it's chopped up) and then couldn't use my right hand for two days. Time to get a wrist rest.

Had a last dinner with my friend Clarisse before she leaves for Macedonia on her Fulbright scholarship. Was shocked to realize that I have a group of women I've been friends with for nearly twenty years. The shocking part isn't that we've been friends for twenty years - the shocking part is that we didn't meet until I was in my mid twenties. Ordered an extra supply of rejuvenating face cream.

That should cover the missing days.

Do not despair, Gentle Readers...things are settling down and my wrist is back to normal, so you shan't be unblogged again in the foreseeable future.
Tags: randomness
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