spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

On the mend

I'm better today. I can tell because my temp is a reasonable 101 instead of the 104 it was yesterday. And when I bent over to put on my pants it didn't feel like someone drove a pickaxe through my head. And my skin doesn't hurt. Well, most of it doesn't hurt. 

Today, I just have a really sore throat and my neck is all swollen and stiff. So maybe I'll be all better tomorrow. The sucky thing? I've been living on hot tea and chicken broth for three days but haven't lost any weight. So not fair.

I really don't say enough nice things about my husband. Today, he took off work to take care of the kids, so my mom wouldn't have them two days in a row. He vaccuumed all the baseboards in the bedroom and under the bed, so I could breathe better. Right now, he's at the theater with the kids watching Horton Hears a Who so I can get some rest. Is he not the best husband ever?
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