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OK, so this morning I was thinking that tonight I would blog about American Idol, because I haven't really blogged about television recently, and given how much television I watch (which is about a zillion times more than I admit to watching) it seems a bit weird that I don't talk about it more.

Plus, tonight was the debut of the top 12, and it's a really good top 12 now that HairDanny is off, although I have to admit that his singout was sort of fabulous, and made me wonder why he didn't just give that performance the night before, or, like, ever. And as it turned out, tonight was a really good show, and Carly totally needs to win and Brooke just needs to sign a record deal now and what the heck was up with that I'm a Little Bit Country, I'm a Little Bit High on Speed thing Kristy Lee did? And did your heart not break a little - just a little - when David A forgot the words? And am I crazy, or was Chikezie actually good?

But now I'm bummed, because I don't really feel like I can blog about that, because this afternoon when I got out of a meeting I had a message from my sister telling me that our alarm had gone off because someone kicked in our back door. They obviously ran off when the alarm sounded because nothing inside the house was touched (although I asked my sister to please tell the police that it had been ransacked, so they wouldn't know it always looks like that). But the back door is totally broken, and is now screwed shut, because of course that particular door is no longer available and BIL went to two stores and the only door that's the same size with the holes in the right place is hung from the wrong side.

Sheesh. What is it about our house? This is the second time in three years we've been broken into. (Time number one is why we have an alarm system now). I mean, I know it's because we're right at the end of the block and have a privacy fence with a gate that's on the street side and that street happens to be the feeder road to the freeway, but still. Of all the houses on our block, ours looks like the one that's least likely to have anything worth stealing in it. And the last time wasn't a big deal to me because it was so obviously some kid who did it, and we even thought we had an idea which kid it might be, but this is different. It would have taken someone really, really strong to kick in our door hard enough to bust the deadbolt and break the door. 

And the scary part? I'm sure they figured we weren't home because there were no cars in the driveway. And next week is spring break and I was planning on leaving the kids home alone for two half days. Now I don't know what I'm going to do.
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