spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Busy busy busy

But not with anything interesting enough to blog about. But I will share a quick story.

Sometimes on weekends we get donuts for breakfast. We go in our pj's, and the kids go along, and we spend the whole way there talking about what kind of donuts we're going to get, even though we always get the same kinds. And the whole way home we talk about how good the donuts make the car smell, and how we can't wait to get home and eat them.

The problem with donut weekends is that over the months, the number of donuts we get has grown. Originally it was a plain cake for me, and a plain glazed for Husband, and a chocolate glazed for The Boy, and a cinnamon twist for Middle Daughter. But then we discovered the donut place also sells kolaches, so Middle Daughter and I had to get sausage and cheese kolaches. And then The Boy decided he really wanted two donuts. And then Middle Daughter couldn't decide between a cinnamon twist and some donut holes, so why not get both?

So this past weekend, instead of getting four little bags of donuts, I asked if we could just get them in a box. Which was very exciting to The Boy. He got to carry the box to the car, and hold it in his lap on the way home. And as I'm driving, I hear him pipe up from the back seat, Mom! I feel like I'm holding a treasure chest!!

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