spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Boot scoot boogie

Yesterday was Go Texan Day.  Where I live, as you can imagine, Go Texan Day is a pretty big deal.  Kids get to wear boots and hats to school. Companies host chili cookoffs and offer prizes for the best western wear. People who have never been any closer to a horse than the carousel at Kiddie Wonderland walk around looking like they just popped in from the Chisholm trail.

Middle Daughter and I were lamenting the fact that we don't actually own any western wear, or to be more specific, boots. I am somewhat ashamed to say that I am Texas born and bred and about to turn 48 and have never owned a pair of real boots. I've had boots that were sort of cowboy boots, but not really. I always wanted red ropers, but then when Urban Cowboy came out everyone and their dog had red ropers, so I gave up on the idea and then never could really settle on what I wanted.

Middle Daughter has had several pair, but none in about four years. And she decided she wanted a pair of boots to wear to the rodeo when we go in a couple of weeks.

So, today we ventured out to Cavender's Boot City to find boots. Along with 10,000 other people. It was busier than the calf scramble at the rodeo. They even had a cop directing traffic in the parking lot. Boots were flying all over the place.

I ended up with not one, but two pair. Yee haw! I got these in a different leather - more of a shiny russet brown. And then I got these just for fun. Middle Daughter got them, too, so now we have mother-daughter boots. I hope that's not weird.
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