spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Hack and slash, hack and slash

Today was my semiannual yard work day. Twice a year, in the spring and the fall, I get inspired to hack away at all the shrubbery that has grown unfettered for the previous six months. Generally that inspiration comes in the form of overgrown branches thwacking me in the head every time I approach the front door, or possibly in the form of somewhat salty exclamations from pedestrians trying to navigate the sidewalk while being similarly thwacked by similar branches.

There's a lot of shrubbery to hack. Along the driveway is a mutated form of something that started out as a hibiscus, tangled up with four somethings I don't recognize that most likely started off as something I don't recognize. All I know for sure is they have lots of branches going all directions. Lots.

The front flower bed is home to another mutant hibiscus, two ligustrum, and forty little knee-high hedgey things which need to be trimmed into neat little mounds. Which would be much easier if I actually owned a hedge trimmer, and didn't resort to shaping them up with pruning shears. Somewhere around hedgey thingy number twenty-seven, my hands start to go numb. By hedgey thingy number thirty-two, I can't feel my arms.

I feel better when it's all done, though. I'm pretty sure the neighbors do, too.
Tags: lame gardening
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