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100 days

Today was The Boy's 100 Day celebration at school. Every year at the elementary school they make a big deal out of the 100th school day. The Boy came home with a 100 Day headband and a 100 Day book. In the book, he had to answer some fill in the blank questions about 100. My favorite was I would not want 100 ___. The Boy wrote in "vipers".  I often wonder what the teacher thinks about our home life.

Last week, he had to do a 100 Day project. He had to take 100 things glued to a posterboard. He decided to draw 100 pictures. Husband drew lines on five sheets of paper, to divide them into 20 squares, so The Boy could draw a picture in each square. About 25 squares in, disaster struck - The Boy got artist's block. 

Bear in mind that this is the same boy who draws, on a regular basis, over 100 pictures a day. At last, something about my child that he got from me! I found out when I was writing my column that I don't write under pressure. Not don't write well - don't write. But back to The Boy...it took lots of coaxing and suggesting ideas, but The Boy finished all 100 pictures, and we helped him cut them out and glue them to the posterboard.

This was a far cry from Middle Daughter's 100 day project at the same age, where she off handedly mentioned one night that she could get extra credit by taking 100 of something to school the next day. After a bit of brainstorming, she decided to take 100 sheets of construction paper. We counted them out, ten stacks of 10 each, and she happily put them in her backpack.

Two days later was open house. I walked into the room and saw the walls lined with the other childrens' projects. A replica of the Taj Mahal made from 100 sugar cubes. A portrait of Mother Teresa made from 100 things I found on the way to school. A pastoral landscape fashioned from 100 sticks of gum. And there, among them, was Middle Daughter's stack of 100 sheets of construction paper.

On the way home, I casually mentioned the other projects. They were pretty elaborate, huh? 

she giggled. And you know what? They got the same extra credit I did! 
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