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 Last week there was a UFO in Texas. Not my part of Texas, but still. When I was younger I believed in UFOs. I don't any more. I mean, I believe that people see things they can't identify; I just don't believe those things are from Elsewhere. I always liked this quote by Bill Watterson: Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us. Whenever I hear about a UFO sighting, it makes me think of this, and I start laughing. 


During the weekend, I started hearing noises in the attic. Those of you who have been following along at home may be thinking Raccoon right about now, or perhaps Possum. Alas, the noise I was hearing was not of the critter variety; it was decidedly mechanical. Sort of a whirry clanky rattley sound, with that jet-plane-on-the-runway quality that is so reassuring coming from your attic, especially when you realize that it only happens when the furnace is firing. With that extra level of cozy that comes with the realization it's a holiday weekend. Fortunately, it turned out to be something that was quickly and easily repaired, and the nice furnace man didn't even charge extra for coming out on a holiday.


My mother got a dog. It's a two-year-old pug/chihuaha mix, named "Braxton". As in, "Hicks". OK, his name isn't really Braxton Hicks, but wouldn't it be funny if it was? Before she got him, I had a hard time imagining what he would look like. I mean, really. Pug? Chihuaha? What the heck is that? A Chug? But he's very cute, and very sweet, and snuggles in her lap in the evenings and seems very at home already.


The Boy is still sick; he went back to school on Friday and then lounged around the house all weekend but seemed fine. And then today he was screaming and holding his head and saying his ear hurt and he couldn't hear anything. So, off to the doctor he will go tomorrow, and don't we feel like the worst parents ever?
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