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In with the new [Dec. 31st, 2007|09:17 pm]
Well, The Boy is back from an evening with his cousins, we have Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip in the DVD player, and Husband is making popcorn. He tried twice in the microwave, and it wouldn't pop, and we couldn't tell if it was the popcorn or the microwave, so now he's popping it on the stove and it's going like gangbusters, so it looks like the microwave is on the blink. Maybe it's a sign that I should do more things the good old-fashioned way in the coming year.

I have one more small load and then all the laundry will be clean. Not counting what's in Middle Daughter's room, because that doesn't count. And while the house as a whole isn't exactly sparkling, the chair in my bedroom is cleaned off, the bathroom is clean, and the den is de-cluttered and vaccuumed and dusted (courtesy of The Best Husband Ever) so we can ring in the new year in a clean room at least.

It's been a busy year, for a lot of us. Tonight, my thoughts are with my friends who have ended jobs and started jobs, have new family members and lost family members, who have laughed and cried and loved and lost and braved the world and all that's in it. May you all have blessings uncountable in the new year.

[User Picture]From: jchammonds
2008-01-01 06:10 am (UTC)
I loved Studio 60 and was so disappointed when it was cancelled.
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[User Picture]From: jzygail
2008-01-01 04:35 pm (UTC)

Sounds like a great holiday!

Mine was laid back as well, although I'm doing the laundry now. I got to-do list for the holiday break completed, so if I wait til New Year's Day to finish the laundry, I'm not too pressed. :)

Hey, my new year's resolutions are to thin the sewing machine herd down to only the 11 "essentials", declutter the house and....to blog again! So I posted today. It's all about sewing machines tho, so you might want to wait until you can't sleep to read it :)
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From: misty_bay
2008-01-01 05:59 pm (UTC)

I'm impressed.

My laundry is at about 75% done. The girls are the worst. I keep putting clothes up in their room, and they have nowhere to put them away. What size is middle daughter?

It looks like my vacation will be extended. They are calling for another 6-10 inches of snow tonight into tommorrow, so I'll get back to you...maybe I'll be at 100% by then.

Happy New Year to your family.

Oh, and what's wrong with Jiffy Pop? That is the only way to have popcorn.

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[User Picture]From: millimom
2008-01-02 04:24 am (UTC)
Happy 2008 and Happy Clean House! Yay for dh!

Your popped corn issue may not be your microwave. Two packs of Pop Secret have been total duds for me lately. Maybe the secret in Pop Secret is that you don't get any pop?
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