spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Dipping a toe in

Gosh, it's hard to jump back in after not posting for nearly a week. Now I remember why my original goal was to post something every day. Not that I ever, you know, actually met that goal.

The Spinthemoon Family Christmas Marathon is over, leaving the usual disaster in its wake. Not any emotional disaster - just the  huge mess my house has become after a week of not having time to attend to it. We have managed to stay somewhat on top of the laundry and kitchen, but the living areas are wrecked. Wrecked, I tell you. I'd post a picture, but I'm afraid someone would call the Authorities on us. You know, those Authorities that come to your house when it's a wreck.

Yesterday, I asked The Boy to dust while I cooked supper. I do not see dusting as a vocation in his future. Things are less dusty than they were, but it's pretty hit and miss. Still, any improvement is an improvement, right? These are the things I tell myself in the wee dark hours of the morning when I wake up with the words Pigsty! Pigsty! echoing in my brain.

So far, my response to those brain echoes has been to flee. Flee the house and leave the mess behind. Yesterday, we went to the museum to see the Snakes and Lizards Alive exhibit, and the Prehistoric Sea Monsters 3-D IMAX. Both were very good, and we got our membership renewed, which saved us $10 since the prices are going up in January.

Today, there is nowhere to hide. We are so out of money it's not even funny, even if it does rhyme, and so need to stay home. I've already cleaned out the fridge and wiped down all the kitchen cabinets, and started clearing off the dining room table.

I would dearly love to start the new year with a clean house. A girl can hope, can't she?
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