spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,


I can't believe it been nearly a week since I've posted - I swear I thought I was posting, really.

Some good things that happened this week
- I (finally) got my car washed. At the cool car wash/diner/hair salon place. 
- I bought six more skeins of yarn and two more sets of knitting needles for next to nothing. 
- I got a present for one of the two people I never know what to get.
- I bought a pair of size 8 jeans! And they aren't even tight! And it doesn't count that that brand runs big!
- The Boy totally rocked out at my sister's retirement party. Afterwards, I said, I didn't know you could dance like that. He replied, Neither did I!
- I (finally) put some color on my hair. But not at the cool car wash/diner/hair salon place.

Some not-as-good things that happened this week
- Major major program breakage at work. Not any of my code, fortunately, but still breakage. We got it fixed, though.
- I still have two Christmas presents to buy, because I forgot about one I hadn't gotten yet.
- Husband's front door key broke off in the lock. Just when I was about to say something about how quiet the house has been lately

It's always nice when the good outweighs the bad.

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