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yup yup yup [Dec. 17th, 2007|09:44 pm]
I am going to go sit by the fire and knit until I fall asleep. 

From: blissonbliss
2007-12-19 12:01 am (UTC)
(dragging along my pillow and blankie)

I wish I could sit by the fire too! I'm wearing two layers *in* the house.
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From: misty_bay
2007-12-19 02:41 am (UTC)

Will it make you feel better to know

I have exactly FIVE Christmas presents? My house looks like someone picked it up and shook it, and I have exactly one week to get it in order, shop, beat some other shoppers over the head, and get all Christmas-y?

At least yours is a productive tired. Mines just lazy.

Sleep away. You've earned it.

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[User Picture]From: millimom
2007-12-19 06:33 am (UTC)

Yeah, well

I'm going to try to fall asleep while visual lists of the things that should have been done by now play on a continuous loop in my head until the alarm goes off a four-frinkin'-thirty tomorrow morning.

Pssh! :)
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