spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

I am a Domestic Godess. Or Not.

I'm exhaustipated. Yesterday was my day off, and I was planning on a leisurely breakfast, some light housecleaning, lunch with my mom, and running a few errands. Ha!  I ended up leaving the house at 9:00 am (without breakfast) and running non-stop until nearly 6:00. I didn't even make dinner and we ended up ordering pizza. And then the pizza place got the order wrong. I win at bad wifery!

On the plus side, I did get a lot accomplished, and now I only have two presents left to buy. Of course, those are for  the two people I have no clue what to buy. Which are the same two people I don't know what to buy for every year. I'm actually excited about some of the stuff I found yesterday, and don't feel quite so grinchy, despite the two presents I haven't even figured out yet.

While I was out and about, I got sucked into the yarn isle at Michael's and ended up buying some gorgeous silvery green bamboo. It was on sale and so soft and I'm making myself a scarf, so there! I'm already through most of one skein. I'm using bigger needles than I would have liked, but due to my irrational random cheapness I didn't buy enough to use a smaller size, unless I wanted to knit myself a pocket handkerchief instead of a scarf.

Determined to do better today, I made pigs in a blanket and hot chocolate for breakfast. Then things got a little wonky, as The Boy had a birthday party to go to at noon, except that it was really at 10:00, which I did not find out until 10:30, when Husband woke up and checked his email. We called and apologized profusely and ended up rushing to get there before it was over. Which was made more difficult by the fact that every towel we own was in the laundry hamper, since I never got around to doing laundry yesterday. She scores! 

Afterwards, we took the kids to see The Golden Compass. Middle Daughter and I have read the books, so we liked it very much. The Boy liked the Ice Bears and kept giving me the thumbs up sign during the movie. Husband was totally lost, which is understandable. I mean, I knew the plot and spent half the movie thinking how disjointed it all was. But it was gorgeous to look at.

To make up for the lack of dinner last night, I made soup and Irish Soda bread for dinner, which we ate while watching Once More With Feeling. Inspired by this burst of domesticity, I made some cookies - with oatmeal, dates, crasins, dried cherries, pecans and walnuts. No one in my family will eat them but me, so I guess I'll have to take them to work on Monday.

Maybe I'll get around to cleaning the house...tomorrow.
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