spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Hey, where are my posts?

Oh, yeah...in my head.  Apparently, there is plenty of room up there, because I have all sorts of potential posts rattling around and they don't seem to be in any danger of getting pushed out any time soon. I swear, I think I've posted something, and then I'm all surprised to find out later that I never got it down on the page.

This week, I'll blame it on the weather. A cold front blew through Friday, and it brought some heinous yankee pollen with it. The Boy and I have been miserable, coughing and sneezing and generally feeling icky. It didn't help that I spent Friday de-dusting our bedroom, which in my life's usual ironic fashion kicks up a lot of dust. This house is like a dust factory. It kicks up more dust than whatever that thing is that kicks up slightly less dust than this house does. On the plus side, I also did laundry. I am a laundry machine.

Today we all went to see Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. The critics trashed it, but I thought it was very sweet and fun. The Boy  could hardly contain himself. He danced all the way through the theater and the parking lot on the way back to the car. Afterwards, my mom and I went to Target to pick out some birthday presents for The Boy, and I impulse bought all sorts of stuff - a sweater for Middle Daughter, some Brussels cookies, and some Dove chocolate. I also bought a new watch, since my last one stopped telling the truth about the time months ago, but that was planned so it doesn't count. 

And I have no graceful exit from this post. I'm tired, and rambling, so I think it's best for everyone if I just  go to bed now.
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