spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Why I am not the least bit reasonable

Is it hypocritical of me to become inordinately grumpy when I think my friends aren't blogging enough, while at the same time not blogging myself? I don't think so. Because I don't amuse myself by reading my blog. I suspect it might be the teeniest bit pathetic, though. I mean, how many times does one have to press the refresh button before a line is crossed? 

And now, some randomness...

I have been working like crazy for six months on a project that just will not complete. Supposedly we are in the home stretch this week - if I can get through testing, the third and (hopefully) final phase will roll out early next month. And then I can go home at a reasonable hour, and not dream about code that crashes everything, and actually do the parts of my job I have been ignoring this year. My team hung this outside my door:

Do I love them, or what?

I am really, really sore this week, because I did yard work over the weekend. The little hedgy things out front were all scraggly, which was more than annoying, because I usually only trim them biannually. Or is it semi-annually? Whichever one means, "When the neighbors start a petition". Anyway, I'd already trimmed them fairly recently, but because of the warm fall they had the audacity to grow. Long feelery tendrily unsightly branches everywhere. So, I got out my trusty clippers and trimmed them until I had too many blisters to continue. And then once the little hedgy things were trimed, the lugustrum by the door looked all raggedy. And then once that was trimmed, the big hedgy things by the driveway got all emo on me for being left out, and had to be addressed.

At least now the house just looks unkempt instead of abandoned.

On Sunday, I broke down and bought some eggnog, even though it is too early for eggnog. But...nog! And you know what's even better than a glass of eggnog? A glass of eggnog with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla stirred into it.

In possibly related news, I put on three pounds already this week.
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