spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Getting snippy

Well, I did it again - I cut my hair. Dangit. I was intending on growing it out, but it just hit that length, and off I went to find the scissors. 

Honestly, I just meant to trim my bangs. And then I needed to blend them a little. And then I inadvertently mulletized myself, and had to do some damage control. 

Here's a nice soft-focus pic 

which makes me look a bit bubble-headed. But I like it, because it's soft focus, and so the dark circles under my eyes look all arty. Right? Right? Oh, and notice I'm wearing the really cute but probably too young for me Gap Body pullover I bought to replace the old torn too-big paint-stained tee shirt that was my lounge around the house uniform.

Here's a view from the left:

And one sorta from the right:

Both of these were taken about an hour after the first one, and give you some idea of how rapidly my hair undoes itself. Sort of like water seeking its own level, my hair has a certain level of disarray it must reach in order for the universe to remain in balance.
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