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TV Time

Despite my posturing about not wanting to get sucked into watching a new series, only to have it cancelled four episodes in, I did watch several premieres of new shows last week. And since this blog is based on the misconception that you actually care what I think, here are my thoughts.

Bionic Woman
I'm not sure I can get behind a woman who gets mad at the people who saved her life, just because they made her legs glow in the dark. Evil Bionic Woman was much more interesting. She should have her own show.

It's no Angel. It's no Forever Knight. But the leading man is cute, and sensitive in a not exactly vampiric kind of way, and hey, Logan! As a jerk! If the mysteries get more mysterious, I could get into this.

Great fun. Nuff said.

Big Shots
I lasted six minutes. I want those six minutes back.

Returning shows:

This show lost all cred when it stopped killing off major characters. The season finale last year was a yawner. But the opener showed promise, so I'm not writing it off just yet.

Dancing with the Stars
I stopped watching halfway through last season because the stars weren't interesting and no one was improving. This year, the lineup is cool (Osmonds! Newton! 90210!) and the worst dancing in the first round was better than the best dancing mid-season last year. And the women were actually wearing dresses, instead of underwear artfully draped with fringe and handkerchiefs.

Gray's Anatomy
Still not buying that anyone would be interested in Meredith. Shut up, Izzie. Suck it up, George.  I watch for Bailey and Christine, and at least they do not disappoint.
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