spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

An off day

Yesterday I did something unthinkable. I did not go into the office on my Friday off. The magnitude of this is dizzying, I tell you. Dizzy. Ing. Of course, all sorts of things went wrong at work, due to code that got moved in on Thursday (not my code, at least, which is moderately comforting). But the thing I love about my team - well, one of the things - is that they are very capable and were able to get everything resolved without any intervention from me. 

And I was out of the gate like gangbusters yesterday. By 9:00 am, I had dropped Middle Daughter off at school, gotten my car tags renewed (and they only expired in August - this is a personal best for me), dropped off a load of stuff at Goodwill, and washed all the bathmats.

And then I ran out of steam. I managed another load of laundry, the dishes, scrubbing down the stove, some lame attempts at picking up random stuff, and that was it. Not sure exactly what happened, but a nap may have been involved.

I picked up Middle Daughter early so we could go get her Concerta refilled. The two things they worry about, growth and appetite, have not been a problem, since she has grown 3/4 of an inch (this makes Her Shortness very, very pleased) and gained nine pounds since her last checkup. So now she doesn't have to go back and get checked again until the spring, unless we feel like the dosage isn't working for her any more.

And that was my entire day. I did manage to get supper cooked and made a batch of brownies (before you hyperventilate, from a Martha White mix) when my need for chocolate began to border on the deranged, but that was it. 

So now I only have 57,836,983 things still to do. Woot!
Tags: being a domestic goddess
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