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Yes, the tough are still shopping...

OK, so I had the large purse and I had the bathing suit and I even had the big old honkin' sunglasses.  So I thought I was all set. And then annie had to go and ask us all what we would be wearing. 

Wearing? Yikes! I completely forgot about actual clothing. I told her I'd be packing some capris and t-shirts. Only, I don't actually have any capris and t-shirts, or at least not any that don't look like the only reason I haven't donated them to Goodwill is because they aren't in good enough condition. I don't really have that much casual clothing, because when I come home from work I slap on some yoga pants (with holes in them) and an old shirt (with holes in it). The only time I wear casual clothes is on the weekend, so I tend to have about 3 choices and just wear them till they fall apart. Plus there's that whole between sizes thing.

So yesterday, after the whitewater calls calmed down (not because we fixed everything, but because everyone sneaked out early) I popped into Macy's, which is not only next door to my building but conveniently connected by a tunnel, and practiced a bit of retail therapy. 

Huzzah for end of season sales, markdown racks, and coupons! In less than an hour, I snagged $169 worth of stuff for only $43.60. There's nothing like getting a $69 pair of pants for $9 to make you feel better about breaking half your division's computer programs.

So now I don't have to be naked or holey in Vegas. Whew!
Tags: clothing, shopping
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