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Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to school we go

Today was The Boy's first day of Kindergarten. Was he excited about it? You be the judge:

OK, that was a trick question. He was tired of having his picture taken. This is how he looked most of the morning:

Notice the ubercool fire engine lunchbox.

I think school might be a little stressful for him. He's a perfectionist. This is not something I'm used to dealing with, and is certainly something outside the realm of my personal experience. Friday, at Open House, his teacher gave everyone a brown lunch sack. He was supposed to decorate it, and put 2-3 things in it he liked for show and tell. At first he seemed down with the idea but as the deadline grew closer he was more down on the idea. 

He couldn't decide what to put in the bag. The teacher had said not to bring food or weapons, but anything else would be fine. We made all sorts of suggestions. A monster, a sea creature, a drawing, a map...he dismissed all of them. None of those are right, he complained.

I fixed him with a look. You can't get it wrong, I told him. Anything you put in the bag will be the right thing. He fixed me with a look of his own. No food, no weapons, he reminded me. Finally, he settled on a small book about dinosaurs, a plastic hammerhead shark, and a Thomas train. He cheerfully decorated the bag with yellow monsters and a map of Texas.

He told us this afternoon that he passed on show and tell.

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