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When the Universe talks, I listen

We don't have cable, so I watch a lot of PBS to get my fix of how-to shows. I watch sewing shows, even though I don't sew, and woodworking shows, even though I don't do woodworking, and home repair shows, even though I don't do home repairs. Well, not the kind they show on home repair shows anyway. I don't think I'm ever going to tune in to a home repair show and see someone hot-gluing a baseboard, or using a staple gun to hang curtains.

Yesterday, Middle Daugher and I were watching a cooking show we'd never seen before. In this show, 30-somethings wearing nude lipstick and organic cotton sweaters were cooking wholesome food and saying hysterically funny things like, 'Kids love acorn squash' and, 'Just grab a handful of your favorite whole-wheat cereal.'

During this show, The Universe sent me a message. You know how that happens? When something random comes up repeatedly in a short period of time, and so you start to pay attention? Anyway, during the show, The Universe sent me a message, and the message was, Go soak some chicken in buttermilk.

Because, just a few days ago, bliss posted about soaking some chicken in buttermilk before she grilled it. And when I read it, I thought, I've heard of that, just recently, but couldn't remember where. And then on this funny nude lipstick and organic cotton cooking show, they had a recipe that called for soaking chicken in buttermilk, and middle daughter thought it sounded good. Since I had already planned to make something with chicken for supper, we picked up some buttermilk at the store, and I soaked my chicken.

It was so. good. I cut the chicken into strips, and soaked it for a couple of hours, and rolled it in italian breadcrumbs and fresh grated parmesan cheese, and baked it. I made some with plain breadcrumbs and no cheese for Husband, who prefers his food to have no flavor. I could have eaten a zillion of 'em, and am now thinking these will be a party food staple, on the off chance I ever actually throw a party. They would heavenly dipped in some marinara sauce.

The Universe scores!
Tags: food, television
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