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Ditl Day!

First things first

Good morning to Husband, who is not usually this cheerful this early. He's just smiling because I'm taking a picure.

This was better than it looks...egg on whole grain English muffin

I watch the traffic out of habit, even though I'm not driving anywhere for hours yet

I check my counter...still stuck. It's been five days. I am distraught. My needy side is desperate to know if anyone is paying attention to me.

I make a post, just in case anyone is reading

The Boy wakes up, sort of. This is why we call him "mole baby"

Husband leaves, the kids eat, and I clean up

Here at Our Lady of Perpetual Laundry, there's always a load waiting

While it washes, The Boy does too

I decide to make myself a nice cup of Chai tea

The Boy needed to wash, because today is Kindergarten Open House

We park on the back side of the school and walk around the block to the front

Middle Daughter wanted to come for old time's sake. This was the school she went to, and the school I went to. She had kindie in the same room I did.

The Boy will be in the room next door to the one Middle Daughter and I were in. He's more excited than he looks here.

Walking back to the car.

We stop by my parent's house to tell my mom all about it

Back home, I discover the nice cup of Chai tea, untouched. Doh!!!

No time to drink it, because I need to go in to the office. It's my day off, but I have a big project rolling out this weekend.

We do stop to admire the spider web on the porch.

At the office, The Boy is very excited about my access card. He pretends he's a spy.

I have an inpromptu meeting with my developers in the hallway. The business has made a no-go decision on my project and we need to fix something.

They almost look happy to see me!

Kenny shows off his values

The Boy has been busy while I was in the hallway

We head out for lunch. This is the blue marble elevator we always forget about. The kidlets think it's beautiful.

I score points by taking them to Chick-fil-a

The Boy amuses me while I wait for the developers to work their magic

Middle Daughter offers me her Ipod earbuds

Yay! The fix is in, but sadly, not in time to make the deadline. No migration for me!

The Boy thinks Guigan might cheer me up

Middle Daughter finds my Stash of Random Stuff and gets goofy with pipe cleaners

The Boy tries some spells 

Kenny gets a little goofy, too.

Now that I'm all cheered up, we head for home

The Boy thinks the elevator lobby is the perfect place for cartwheels

Back home, more laundry awaits

First we wash it

Then we dry it

Then we fold it. Repeat till cows come home.

Husband won't be home for dinner, so I get lazy with the cooking. The Boy wants soup and grilled cheese

Middle Daughter and I go for sauted broccoli with parmesan

I con her into cleaning her room

By letting her have the computer when she's done

The Boy watches The Avengers movie

Until it's time for bed

I knit on Middle Daughter's Harry Potter scarf until Husband comes home


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