spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

It's your lucky day!!

Two memes in a row!!

1. Would you chew gum after someone else already has chewed it?
No. But I have a great story about Middle Daughter and gum.

2. What describes your relationship status?
Very Married.

3. Who were your last 5 calls to?
My husband, my answering machine (because Husband wasn't home), my sister, my mom, a co-worker

4. Are You the Heartbreaker or the Broken Heart?
Heartbreaker. But those days are way behind me.

5. Do you miss someone right now?
Lots of people.

6. Do you think Napoleon Dynamite is funny?
Never seen it

7. Who have you talked to most today?
A co-worker

8. Pumpkins?
Don't make good flotation devices

9. Color of your underwear?
blue (I had to look)

10. Color of your shirt?

11. How many years have you taken a foreign language?
1 year of spanish, 2 years of russian, 1 year of french. I've forgotten almost all of all of them.

12. Who's on speed dial 3?
I don't have speed dial

13. What color is your background on your computer mainscreen?
Whatever the windows default is. But I have a really cool pic of the kids as a wallpaper.

14. Do you wish on 11:11?
I don't even know what this means

15. Good advice if you ever go camping?
It's called a hotel.

16. Are you a bad influence?

17. What color are your eyes?

18. Would you rather have your name or your siblings name?
I like my name very much.

19. Would you do anything for someone?
no, but I might do something for anyone.

20. Have you ever been called a bitch?

21. Fav. colors?
most greens, periwinkle

22. Do you use smiley faces on the computer?
I use smiley faces everywhere. Sometimes even on my face!

23. What song is on?
None. I'm listening to an episode of That Seventies Show. I like to watch it and spot the clothes I had in high school.

24. Are your grades good?
I am grade A prime, baby!

25. Do you ever think people hate you for filling these out?
Oh, I'm pretty sure they do

26. Would you date anyone on your top friends?

27: Who was your last missed call from?
I don't miss calls

28. Whose page did you visit last?
Can't remember. I wander around a lot.

29. Last time you went out to lunch?
Yesterday. Middle Daughter came to work with me and I took her to get dumplings.

30. Do you watch Gilmore Girls?

31. Who is your favorite character from Friends?

32. Have you ever seen or enjoyed watching the O.C.?
No, and I'm not sure I would have enjoyed it if I'd seen it.

33. Do you have one or more Britney Spears C.D.s?
No. I'm too afraid she'd show up wanting them back, and she's scary!

34. Which radio stations are your favorites?
Don't really have any favorites

35. Are you a Lost fanatic?
No, but I do watch it. I'd watch Terry O'Quinn in just about anything.

37. Do you have a song by Ozzy Osbourne in your library?
Am I supposed to have a library?

39. Do you watch Family Guy regularly?
Never seen it

40. King of the Hill?
Oh, yeah. These are my people!

41. Do you read romance novels often?
Not even close.

42. Favorite TV show of all time?
Firefly. Surprise!

43. Do you sing obnoxiously in the car?
No matter where I sing, it's obnoxious

44. Do you ever sing obnoxiously in the shower?
I don't sing in the shower at all.

45. What's in your CD player right now?
I have no idea. I'm not even sure where my cd player is.

47. Did you draw pictures for your crush back in elementary school?

48. Have you ever liked a girl/boy but didn't ask her/him out?
When I was in high school, girls didn't ask boys out.

49. Have you ever written a poem or story about your life?
What else is there to write about?

50. Have you ever spent over an hour thinking about life in general?

51. Have you ever liked someone because of their appearance?
No, but I've been intially intrigued by someone because of their appearance

52. Do you eat all the servings in the food groups on a daily basis?
Yes, but not enough veggies

53. Are you ever a freak about cleanliness or organization?
At work, yes. At home, no. I've long given up on that battle.

54. Have you ever been to South America or Africa?

55. Do you know how to knit?

56. Do you have a cell phone or iPod with a patterned cover?
I don't have a cell phone or iPod at all

57. Have you ever written love song lyrics yourself and put them on myspace?
Even I'm not that lame

58. Do you keep a diary or journal online?

59. When you open your closet, what is the dominant color?

60. What have you thought about the most recently?
My dad

61. Physics or chemistry?
Physics. I minored in physics.

63. Pink or teal?
You mean I get a choice?

64. Earrings or a ring?
Earrings. I don't change out my rings.

65. Walk or Run?

66. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars?
Yes, please

67. Fly or road trip?

68. Batman, Spiderman, or Superman?
Spidey! But not the movie spidey

70. have you ever bought clothes from PacSun?
What is PacSun?
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