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Still random after all these years

I simply don't have the brainpower to link more than four sentences together at a time, so if you're not into random, move along. Nothing to see here.

First off, I'd like to welcome jzygailto the blogosphere. Jzy is the one who came up with my new favorite quote, which in case you missed it, is Oh, I could NEVER be fulfilled if I didn't send my big, strong, manly protector to work with a lunch I made with my own two hands and a cup of fresh coffee I brewed between my own two legs from the strength of my passionate love!!  I have a feeling her blog will not be for the easily offended, but if you're the type to enjoy a bit of sailor talk with your snark, you'll definitely want to check her out.

You may remember how Drive broke my heart. Not only did the show get cancelled after four episodes, FOX called backsies on their promise to show the last two filmed episodes. Now, much like my beloved Firefly, Drive has been nominated for a special effects Emmy. Which is appropriate since Zoic, the same team that pioneered the hand-held-cameras-in-outer-space effects so brilliantly in Firefly (and later, Battlestar Galacitca) did the effects for Drive.

But wait! you're asking yourself. How can a show that only aired four episodes qualify for an Emmy? Good question. The answer is, it can't. Which makes the story of how this happened kinda interesting. Go ahead - click the link. It's short. And poses some interesting questions about the future of broadcast television and broadband.

While you're at it, take a look at the nominated work here. Just click the blue button under the tv-looking-thingy.

Wednesday Oldest Daughter and I dropped by yarns 2 ewe. (Thanks to uppity_woman  for the tip). Loads of gorgeous yarns that give me hives (I can't do wool) but also loads of gorgeous silk and cotton and cashmere that I will be drooling over for a while. I picked up some bamboo needles on a whim and I love them. They knit lickety-split with a clickety-click that is quite satisfying.

Speaking of Oldest Daughter, she is even as I type winging her way back to Arizona. The time, it goes too quickly. Middle Daughter is already placing bets on how much of Oldest Daughter's stuff we will find in the next week. So far, I've found some hair things and her bathing suit top. I'm sure more will follow.

This weekend my mom is taking my entryway rug to be cleaned, because when you get old like me, that's the sort of thing you want for your birthday. I am more excited about it than is probably normal. I'm thinking about going wild and taking my hall runner in at the same time. Whadda ya think?

Also this weekend I will be avoiding the internets because I will be reading Harry Potter. Amazon has promised I will have my copy tomorrow and I'm hoping the UPS guy shows up early so that I will have all day to read. It better not be cheesy. I will be annoyed if it is cheesy.

Last night I stayed up until it wasn't night any more chatting with a group of women that I haven't chatted with in far too long. And yes, this is cyber chatting, because this is me we're talking about, and all my friends are virtual. It was totally awesome, but also the reason I am unable to think entirely coherently, and why as soon as my new 800 thread count Egyptian cotton pillowcases are done drying I am going to bed. You may envy me now.

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