spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Where's the kleenex?

I'm not a particularly sentimental person. I don't cry at movies (although I do tear up a bit when the Iron Giant says "Superman"). I don't save greeting cards. I don't cry at big occasions.

Unless I'm pregnant. Then, all bets are off. When I'm pregnant, I sob hysterically at late-night reruns of The Love Boat. Thankfully, Hallmark wasn't having a major campaign when I was pregnant with The Boy. I remember when I was carrying Middle Daughter, there were all those heartwrenching long-distance commercials, plus a few coffee ads that set me to crying buckets. Not a good time.

I'm not pregnant now, but Mike at Chasing the Wind gave me a sniffle or two with this post about his son. Thankfully, Middle Daughter has informed us that she's never leaving home - ever - so I'm not going to have to deal with this.

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