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Kids and money [Jun. 30th, 2007|02:02 pm]

I don't think I blogged about the Very Long Conversation The Boy and I had as a result of him ripping up a ten dollar bill. Maybe I'll do that later, if you're interested. But I bring it up now because Spritzy posted a Q&A about money, answered by her children. And of course it made me think about The Boy, and what his answers would be, so I gave him the quiz.

1.) How old are you?

2.) Do you like money?

3.) What do you like about money?
Cause I can get rich

4.) How much money do you have?
Oh..uhhh..like 75

5.) How much money do mom and dad have?
I don't really know

6.) How much money is there in the world?
A thousand hundred

7.) How do you get money?
Uhhhhh...I have no idea

8.) What is a bank?
A place where you can get money?

9.) If you had $100 dollars what would you do with it?
Buy a lot of things

10.) How much money would you like?
Ten hundred thousand and eighty

I'm thinking maybe we need to have some more conversations, lol.


[User Picture]From: jchammonds
2007-07-01 04:14 pm (UTC)
Ripping up a $10 bill?! AAAAHHHHH!

I'd like to have ten hundred thousand eighty, myself! :D
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From: blissonbliss
2007-07-02 04:24 am (UTC)
At least he's honest!

This reminds me of Keiki when she was 5. She used to say, she loved me "ten one hundred."
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[User Picture]From: aims814
2007-07-03 03:51 am (UTC)
Ten hundred thousand and eighty <---- I love that answer!
And, um ... I'm waiting to hear the story of him ripping up the ten dollar bill! That's gotta be a good one. ;o)
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[User Picture]From: sphyr
2007-07-04 01:39 am (UTC)
Ten hundred thousand and eighty is a lot of money.

The next conversation with The Boy ought to be about leveraged investments and hedge funds.
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