spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Somedays I feel like I look like this

I have a new icon - The Runaway Turtle. This is a picture drawn by (who else?) The Boy, as part of a book cover. We watched Bridge to Terebithia this weekend, and while he didn't exactly follow the story, he did like the imagination bits and the building bits. So now he's made a picture book of his own version of the story, which includes people fighting crime, building robots, and swinging across lakes full of piranhas.

The Runaway Turtle is apparently a completely unrelated story - I think the book is going to be a double feature. Since he drew it in pencil, I had to go over it in ink so that it would scan, and it lost a bit in translation, since I'm not much of an artist compared to The Boy. But overall, I think the expression on the turtle's face is pretty much the expression I wear most of the time.
Tags: pics, the boy
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