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My bad

June has not been a good blogmonth. That's because I'm sick, and when I'm sick I'm grumpy and not very good company. (Husband can confirm that one in case you need backup) A few weeks ago I started with the sneezing, which led to the coughing, which led to the congestion, which led to the wheezing, and once all that cleared up I got a sore throat.

I thought it was allergies for a while, then thought it might be cold, then thought I was getting bronchitis, and then gave up second guessing and went to the doctor today, after two weeks of feeling rotten and claiming I was just going to go to work for a little while, just because of that one meeting/demo/test, and then staying until 7:30. Which, I should point out, I would not do if I thought for a minute I was contagious, because one of my pet peeves is people who come to work sick and spend the whole day telling you about how they spent all night throwing up.

In any case, I haven't slept in about a week because of the sore throat. I had chronic tonsillitis for years, and finally had my tonsils out when I was twenty, but they were big and scarred and apparently fought back during the operation because the doctor had a very hard time removing them, and in fact left behind one tiny little bit of tonsil on one side. Which is normally not a problem, but for some reason that tiny tonsil bit is all riled up about something or another and making its presence known in a very unpleasant way. And this morning I just couldn't do it; I just couldn't go into work another day, and besides I started running a fever so I just threw in the towel and went to the doctor.

She doesn't know what it is, either, but gave me some antibiotics and told me to hold off on them in case it turns out to be viral and doesn't clear up on its own. But I'm thinking I've spent five days already feeling like I have a lump of burning coal stuck in my throat, so how long am I supposed to wait? I'm guessing about another fifteen minutes.
Tags: whining
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