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Late night ramblings

Whew! What a week, and it's only half over. A warm welcome to all my new friends, who are no doubt wondering What the hey...I friended this person who never posts.

Is it just me, or am I going wonky wild with the w words tonight? I will work to wemedy that.

Since there is way too much going on and it is way too late to actually post something of substance, I will instead direct you to this list. Because I'm sure my long-time readers are growing nostalgic for the days when I plugged Firefly at least once every ten posts. But hey, over 3000 reviews can't be wrong. And since the regular TV season is winding down, you'll have plenty of nights when there's nothing to watch.

Speaking of TV, I'm sure you're also wondering what I thought of all the season finales, so here's some quick impressions:

Dancing with the Stars: For the first time, I didn't care. We didn't even bother to watch most of the season. But Apollo looked really, really happy when he won, so I'm happy for him.

American Idol: Since who should have won didn't win, I'm glad who won, won. I'm actually glad because I never want my real favorite to win, because the contract is (supposedly) so restrictive.

Heroes: As much as I adore this show, the ending was a letdown. Husband and I have come up with at least a billiondytwelve different and better ways it could have ended. It just didn't make sense. Like Peter couldn't fly all by himself? Sylar could stop bullets but couldn't stop Hiro running at him? The fight just starts to get interesting and Peter tells Nikki/Jessica "Never mind, you go sit on the sidelines"? Sheesh. I'm still totally watching next season, though.

Lost: Redeemed. Nuff said.

That's it. I'm going to bed. Big day tomorrow - Middle Daughter's Middle School graduation in the morning. Woot!
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